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Twitter: @MasonConrad

Twitter: @MasonConrad

I graduated from Boston Baptist College, with my BS in Biblical Studies with an emphasis on pastoral ministry. I’m passionate about growth and change in people, so it made sense that shepherding was where I spent my focus. Collectively, I have had a decade of experience working with students and ministries, in Virginia, New England, Texas, and Korea. Each ministry and location has held it’s own rewards and challenges – every new season has taught me a new lesson.

I am currently living in Virginia gaining sales, logistics, and marketing experience; as well as helping my wife build her thing!

I am also a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach. If you’re curious as to what that means click the link which will take you to the group site where John Maxwell will explain. John has written a lot on the subject, and learning under him and his team of amazing people has been such an honor!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out Square One Leadership. Connect with me on Twitter or Facebook – let me know you found me through the blog.

Also, have you checked out the Story of Sq. 1 Leadership yet?

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