Leadership is: Easy as ABC

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My favorite part about the first day of school is the reality that no matter what level you’re in, middle school to college, it’s always an easy day. So to start off  re-launch Squareoneleadership.com we’re going to learn the ABC’s of leadership.

Each day, for the next 26 days, we will be going through the Leadership Alphabet.  Starting with the letter “A,” we will be going through different attributes of leadership, for example tomorrow’s post will be “Leadership is: Action” and then “Leadership is: Believing” and so on and so forth. Now you have to know, when I get to “X,” I’m going to take some creative licence!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you some of what I’ve learned about leadership! Tomorrow marks our first “real” day. I’ll leave you with this thought: learning about leadership is easy, it’s the doing that’s difficult.

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One thought on “Leadership is: Easy as ABC

  1. […] that the ABC’s of leadership are completed, Square One Leadership will be covering the United States Marine Corps leadership […]

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