Leadership is: Discernment

Dictionary.com defines discernas: (1) to perceive by the sight or some other sense or by the intellect; see, recognize, or apprehend: They discerned a sailon the horizon. (2) to distinguish mentally; recognize as distinct or different;discriminate: He is incapable of discerning right from wrong.

Which way do I go?

The more you know ahead of time better prepared you are to make a decision.

Personally, I would define discernment as one’s ability judge correctly.

We all have the ability to discern. The question we need to ask is how good is my ability to discern (how often am I correct)? The quality of our discernment is based on our areas of strengths and weaknesses. I am more likely to have better discernment in my areas of strength. This is because it comes more naturally for me, these could be considered as my “natural talents.”

Side note: I used to tell people not to focus on their weaknesses because it will take more time and effort to attain success. However, I’m revising this stance. If you want to excel in an area that is not your strength or “bent” go for it! Just know that it will take hard, hard work to experience success.

However, natural talent is not enough to produce good discernment. If I want to increase my discernment, in any area, I must put more effort and work into that area. The more familiar I become with a principle, problem, idea, etc., the better my discernment can be. 

Discernment is valuable because it allows me to make good decisions with less information in the moment. If I wait until I have 100% of the information before I make a decision it is possible that I have made my choice too late. As  a leader I must constantly make choices. If I am to be a good leader, I must make the right choices. It is said victory loves preparation. I consider preparation the process of increasing my discernment.

In what areas is discernment natural for you?

In what area do you want better discernment, what is one specific thing you can do to increase your discernment in that area?

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