Leadership is: Not-giving-up

Hang on, tie your knot, then use it as a platform to climb up!

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

One of the most impacting quotes I’ve heard is, “the most valuable ground is the grave yard because of all the dreams, desires, and goals that are buried there.” That got me thinking: how many ideas, ambitions, and goals will die with me because I couldn’t push through and finish? 

As leaders we must be able to persevere through those difficult or seemingly impossible circumstances (especially if they are essential to our success).


1. Focus: in order to stay motivated keep your eyes on the prize! Everyday remind yourself what you are trying to achieve and what benefits this achievement will bring! This reminder will keep you engaged through the difficult process.

2. Passion: if you don’t care about the goal, you will not keep going when the going gets tough! Most people will fall off in difficult times no matter how great the extrinsic motivators. In order to have passion, we must develop intrinsic value for our goal. We will push through if we have an internal desire to push through.

3. Selflessness: sometimes passion and focus aren’t enough to keep us from giving up. No matter how hard we try the pain we will experience is just not worth it. However, if our goal benefits others on our team or our customers, our desire should be one of selflessness. Relationships can be great motivators, don’t be afraid to let it be yours every now and then.

What are some ways you persevere through difficult circumstances?

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