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Leadership is: Purpose

Don't roll the dice, just start off by asking "why?"

The secret of success is constancy to purpose. – Benjamin Disraeli

“Fail to plan, plan to fail” is one of my all-time favorite sayings. However, this is an incomplete view of success, this saying is more focused on the “what” rather than the “why.” In order for leaders to effectively lead, we absolutely must have and focus on the why before we can focus on the what! This is called purpose. I wish I could say this articulation of purpose was mine, but it is not. I heard this from Simon Sinek in an EntreLeadership podcast.

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Everything breaks down to purpose. It may often annoy many of our piers and leaders to ask “why, what’s the purpose,” but the truth is: purpose matters! Purpose gives meaning to responsibilities that would seem pointless with out it. This is actually the topic of Sinek’s book, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone To Take Action.

When it comes to purposeful leadership we must make sure we are purposed in two areas:

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